Raising funds for growth

You need finance to develop a new or growing business. All our clients have the same three problems.

Taking Business Forward

HACL specialises in providing the financial management and investment experience required to ensure the ongoing success of the enterprise. Our management team and investor base are successful business operators and entrepreneurs who understand the concerns of both individual business owners and family-owned enterprises. 

They lack the financial and investment experience to know how best to raise funds.

Problem 1

They require finance to
enable growth.

Problem 2

They are running or launching a business but are time poor.

Problem 3

You no longer have a local bank manager to turn to and don’t have a Finance Director who has the experience in raising funds, leaving you confused by the options available to you and where to start.

The solution

We provide highly experienced Financial Directors who will offer you strategic and financial guidance to grow your business.

The approach

We keep it simple and focus on four areas that will take you through the business growth journey.

1. Clear Business Plan

Reviewing your Business Plan and Cash flow forecasts

2. Investment Ready

Preparing you and the business to be able to secure finance

3. Securing Finance

Introduce you to the right funding options for your business and being with you in the meeting to decipher the language and jargon

4. Build for the Future

Build a Medium-term growth & funding plan

We do all the heavy lifting, techie and accounting bits so you can focus on your business.

The Team

The team is led by our founder Andrew Henderson. Andrew's vision is simple – to enable great business to get the funding needed to grow. Having held senior management roles at Deloitte and Grant Thornton, Andrew caught the entrepreneur bug and want to do his own thing. The experience from working in these firms has laid the foundations ensure we provide the highest quality of the service to our clients. HACL is supported by accountants and other senior finance professionals.

The 8 main areas we support our clients are:

Business Coaching
Business Strategy
External Funding
Investment Fund
Financial Reporting and Accountancy Training
IPO Assistance System Review
CFO Duties

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For us it’s all about Honesty, Integrity and Trust. By becoming a client, you are entering a partnership. We are both committed to powerfully improving the quality of your life.

That’s why I invest in our first introductory consultation, usually between 60 to 90 minutes long. During this exploratory conversation, we will get know each other, understand your needs, desires and life goals. Most importantly we will confirm that there is a sufficient connection between us, and a real desire for change, for us to work together.